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This song is by Chris Juris.

It's like they made you a double in business-Haiti
But TV-viewers never get the picture
Do you feel their exhorting needles?
You're flesh and bone and trendy wear

It's all an ever-lasting s'ance
Your term is under a spell

Facets from the eye of the beholder
All spread around the world
Flesh and bone walking like a jumping jack
Selling their coffins to escape death

Ever paid attention to the witches in the garden?
Dancing round autos-da-f'
Playing commercial tunes on their recorders

Facets from the eye of the beholder
Spread around a frayed balloon
Classified purpose dancing like a sorceress

Flesh and blood submit to their religion
Flesh and bone walking like a....
TV-viewers never get the picture

Dancing like an ogre
Dancing in a witchcraft dance
Walking like a monster

They made you a double in business-Indies
Walking like the dead

It's the Hong Kong angels in the air
In witch's clothing
Fobbing the blind off with canes of plastic
Talking like the wizard
Looking like and thinking like
The witch you keep burning at your garden stake

Chris Juris 1990!

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