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Jack Is Seated

This song is by Chris Juris.

Our social structures provoked strange desires
Then they tabooed their means of expression
I guess I hit the nail on the head
When absorbing a few to stamp them out

I couldn't watch what I watch
I couldn't hear the things I listen to

Jack is seated right in your mental spiral spring
Liable to knock his head against your cranium

I guessed I touched off a psychosis
When I roused that dragon from his sleep

Their sociological recipe for characters made me into a case
They were so kind to make me the kind
That carries out his revolution by instinct

Never struck you the pills they made to cure the stir
Happen to bring about the cause itself?

They diagnoced me but forgot about purpose
If you're strange to a case - just name it!

Jack is seated...

And if you ever doubted that the image accounts for the spirit
Just watch the system rear your children by media
While seducing the masses to suppress your vocation
'Cause the caps fit them but they don't wear them too close to home
Deceived by the appearance they blocked up our doors
Still trying to grasp what they protect us against
And contraceptive docs with trademark on quality
Make out prescriptions for your legal dreams
But their sexual frustrations still punish your dreams
...My zest for life incites me to explore every aspect of human nature
But do I practise what I see if it never was in me?

Jack is seated...

JACK IS SEATED right in your mental spiral spring
JACK IS SEATED ready to touch off a psychosis
JACK IS SEATED - watching the news
JACK IS SEATED - and he breeds like hell

I couldn't feel what I feel
I coldn't think the things they drive me to

Jack is seated!

Chris Juris 1992!

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