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Walk Slow

This song is by Chris Isaak and appears on the album Speak of the Devil (1998).

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Friends are talking to you
They tell you you should go
They say that I don't love you
But baby, they don't know

You're standing in the bedroom
Your things are in the hall
Don't listen to 'em talking
'Cause they don't know at all

Walk slow
Think of what you're doing
Don't go
My heart is breaking

There's trouble all around us
Don't let 'em bring us down
Don't give up on us so easy
And the happiness we've found

Walk slow
Where you going? (I love you)
Don't go
Stop this leaving (I need you)

There's nothing more to say now
There's nothing left to do
I guess you're really leaving
I can't believe we're through

And there's so many, many things I want to tell you
So many, many things I didn't say
So many nights I lay here thinking of you
I get down on my knees and I will pray

'Cause I still dream of you
And I will call your name
And I, oh I will wait
Till you come back again

Walk slow
I'll be waiting (I love you)
Don't go
My heart is breaking (I need you)

Walk slow

Written by:

Chris Isaak

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