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Sweet Euphoria

This song is by Chris Cornell and appears on the album Euphoria Morning (1999).

Sweet Euphoria mine is the heart you own
You lost the grace of the hands that harmed you
In the daze of a thousand yawns
Lost my love, as it is I'm truly gone
In your morning I will sleep
Fire on an open palm
Death for Jesus and plastic armies
Wouldn't bring me back again
Sweet as ether eyes I'm blind to them

And in your aching hour
Time wilts like flowers
Sleeping on land-mine pillows
Tired angels save my love for the lasting one

Sweet Euphoria mine is the heart you stole
Touched and broken are the things you love
Using stars to light your candles
Warms my face but I can't remember yours
Gone are your dandelions falling like mine
Falling like daydream mangos
Diving swallows
Save my love,
Save my love,
Save my love for the lasting one
Sweet euphoria

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