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The Game Is All Yours

This song is by Chris Connelly and appears on the album Whiplash Boychild (1991).

I crossed the line where shadows followed
The black sand signs to realize,
What indiscretion
Will carry me on home tonight?

The fear of waking divides the sun
To underneaths and over reach
What liquid light
Will carry me alone tonight?

Where liars crawl, and murder rests again,
Holded up in secrets for ever and ever.
Till we pass over again
In quarters, never replicas,
The undivided folds
And folds again
In fleshwounds,
Tearing out the heart of fright
Never ending for the heart of fright.

Well you're trapped
Between your rising sign
And downward spirals
Never shine
Glass angled targets
Seem to move with fright
While rooftop snipers aim and fire to cut the night.

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