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Dirtbox Tennessee

This song is by Chris Connelly and appears on the album Phenobarb Bambalam (1992).

Stranded at the crossroads pouring solid in his wounds
Corroding waste and alcohol erection afternoon
Before the eyes of whiskey caught out right by his gun
I never tried to hurt you 'cause I love it everyone
No I pull my way with snakes

Take part in the heat
Dead birds are beached and human trash and ulcerated beats
I cross in the way of a blind man but he don't remember me
How I tore apart a happy home down in Dirtbox Tennessee


I can hear the birds and a baby squawkin' cryin' to their moms
They're asking where their daddy's gone and why he's been so long
But they don't know he's lying down with his hands between his thighs
To resurrect the infinite worm before he dies

You can lose your cool all you want
You can raise the dead
You can lie back and soak up sun while the insects give you head


Another blind guy and his halfwit son are gonna roll me for my drink
Suckered me up through gap-toothed-grins while spitting out a jinx
The high priest of halitosis and his zit-red ugly kid
Whose name is Elvis Sayborne afterbirth and I'll kill him for what he

He pulled down my blood-stained pants and he forced apart my legs
His daddy said 'shoot your best shot kid' and he shot until I bled


Another blood mixed with glass
Mixed with come, mixed with all the afternoon sun
Praise the lord and pass the gun
A crucifix and a rented room
That sticky night with a burning moon

She swore to god I wouldn't see her dead
On the night of the day that we were wed
So for love precious loe
Light on dear while I disappear
This crock of shit and a belly full of rancid beer
I do it for you -only you, only you...


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