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Between The Lines

This song is by Chris Brown.

Was it something I said
Was it something I did (oh)
Looking for an answer
Cause I don't even know
Why you're so upset with me
Girl what is this about
Them other shawtys
I don't care about

Baby sit down
Only when we sexing is when
I want to hear you yelling out loud
Count Down
Backwards from 10
Now ain't that much better
Break down
Every little word
She said this, he said that
Don't believe none of them lies
Please stand down begging on the shit that don't really matter
Wish i could start on a brand new chapter

I done see this type of thing before
I already know how story unfolds
All i wanna do is love you right
Take my time
Read between the lines...
Read between the lines...

Here we go again
Heard it all before
It's getting us nowhere fast
So, lets we retrace our steps
And figure out where we left
Ooh girl
Lets talk this through


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