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Wrap Your Chops

This song is by Chords and appears on the album The Garden Around the Mansion (2006).

Wrap your chops, round this stick of tea
Blow this gage, and get high with me

Ey bro, lend me your ear for some friendly advice
About a little substitute for the henny on ice
It sparked me up times my pen wouldn't write
Kept my mind going through many a night
You guessed it Einstein, the topic's a classic
And just like fine wine or droppin' an acid
It gives you a buzz, puts stuff into perspective
Not too strong though, just enough to respect it
It calms me down when I'm on the run
It's my therapist, masseuse and lama in one
It comes in all the colors of army fatigues
And it never talks back man, it always agrees

So if you're feeling stressed, depressed
Knock on my door and I'll fix the rest
We'll talk some shit, laugh a lot
So pull up a chair

I could tell you what I do and think but I won't
I'll just fill in the blanks with the things that I don't
I don't keep the hotshots pourin' and pourin'
And start fights at Burger King at 4 in tha mornin'
Don't listen to people goin' on and on and on
About the way I live man, I'm snoring it's boring
Sometimes I wanna stop and shout
Sometimes I can't 'cause I got the cotton mouth
I move in slow motion through the commotion
I don't call it propaganda man I'm doing promotion
I do as I please, whistle my tune
And you're standing there looking like Mr Magoo

She's not to be mistaken for substance abuse
Not for you to do cause you got nothing to lose
I love her dearly we're like Bonnie and Clyde
Me I'm Warren Beatty, she's my partner in crime
For us to hold hand out of question
People stare funny in our direction
See technically it's like a social faux pas
Some might even say that I have broken the law
C'mon dawg, I do as I please
As long as I'm set and my crew is at ease
And if you want we can all start fillin' the air
I got an ace up my sleeve and I'm willing to share

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