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The Garden

This song is by Chords and appears on the album The Garden Around the Mansion (2006).

Hit it... M.O.N.S. (What are you having a party?)
Sup? Goddamn it's hot in here
Now, it's my garden right here
You're all accordingly invited to a little party in my honour
So give yourself a little round of applause just for being here
Golf clap or some shit
Just make sure you don't step on my herb garden on the way in
That's really important, I don't want you to fuck that shit up
Just go to the back
I suggest you just travel a little ways up further there
You know, past the hibiscus bushes and shit
All the way to the patio, get yourself a boat drink and just relax

Pardon me while I dance in the garden around the mansion
It's harder than you imagine so be sure to (Look out)
For fallin' rocks, Venus fly traps and labyrinths
Straight hiphop, no gimmicks, no manuscripts
No faggot shit just a true b-boy
No ice, I got glow like Bruce Leroy
And I just wanna lay the ground rules down
Keep your seats, I own the fuckin' sound booth now
Cool down, chill out, unbutton your vest
I breathe beats and rhymes I ain't fuckin' with techs
For real, I ain't even duckin' and weavin'
If I hear a round go off, I'm like "fuck it I'm leavin'"
Right back to the place where it started
All the true heads will always be safe in the garden
And I know this...

But you know what?
I got like a 30 foot thorn hedge around my shit
I got a ?moped?
I even got ???? by the entrance so don't even try no shit
You gotta be real to step up in here
Enjoy the goddamn show

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