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Searchin' For Dreams

This song is by Chords and appears on the album The Garden Around the Mansion (2006).

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"All of my life... I've searched for a dream... yeah..."

I remember back in the days before songs got it's bitches
When I first copped K-solo, ya moms in my business
Before chasin' skirts and brew with the summerjam
When recess was all about doing the running man
I didn't understand, I hadn't come of age
Life was all sunny days, puddy clay, fun and games
And evil came in the form of Deceptacons
And G.I Joe saved the day with his weapons drawn
And paved the way to what would later become
An indifference in your mind towards the way of the gun
But that's kinda hard to see when you're 8 years old
Yo don't realize it, but you're being shaped and molded
To think like them and stay clear of the highroad
Son, keep your eyes closed, start wearing a blindfold
Do as you're told, you'll be a perfect machine
I believed the hype and just kept on searching for dreams

Refr x4
"All of my life... I've searched for a dream... yeah..."

By now, Cypress Hill were yelling "Cock the hammer"
School and state was still feading me propaganda
"Do a little of this and a whole lot of that"
You're being told how to think, you're being told how to act
So fuck it, I wanted to cover every road on the map
And bullshit warning signs weren't holding me back
See restriction was the ultimate temptation
Every scary saga 'bout marijuana tickled my sensation
It's human nature, older than your family tree
Think about it man, it dates back to Adam and Eve
But these weren't apples fed to you by snakes in the grass
These were teachers, lying, trying to break you in half
Telling you: "Every impulse leads to shit jobs,
Sex is death and weed leads to needle-pricked arms"
But believe it or not, I can't blame 'em, man
They had the same dream and fell for the same scam, ain't that a bitch!

Refr. 4x

Many moons passed, Reggie dropped "Doc's da name"
And yours truly washed dishes for a pocket change
Then finally it clicked man, I realized
There's no dream to be found, only real life
So fuck 'em all, fuck the cops and that bitch on the news
Fuck building up the hype man, stick to the truth
Fuck special interest groups out stopping the progress
Fuck the blood money that they use for lobbying congress
Fuck Lockheed Martin and their missile plant
And fuck body by jake, fuck chissled abs
Fuck diamonds from de beers, man those bastards are livin'
On the misery and death of South African children
Think about that every time you're yelling "bling-bling"
Those who kept apartheid alive are yelling "ching-ching"
So wake up and smell the piss-flavoured light beer
And stop dreaming man, the nightmare is right here

Refr. 4x

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