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Chillin' (Like Matt Dillon)

This song is by Chords and appears on the album The Garden Around the Mansion (2006).

(Verse 1) Timbuktu:
I keep it custard, glued to the couch set
I get my outlet fully outstretched
I get my kicks snackin' on babyback ribs
Chillin' in the gravymack crib
Leave the runnin' to others, I'll be calm here
Laid back, robe on and the armchair
And get a footrub, and some good love
Just ease the self and eat till I'm fill of
That would be a nice stressless life
With less phonecalls from pesterin' types
And less restless nights, less tests in sight
And more of what I like with all the extras, right?

Chill like a pro with a veteran's habit
Like sucked the sedatives out the medicine cabinet
I don't like work, don't like lifting fingers
I swim in gravy like a chicken dinner
And just chill, stay true to the word
Body so relaxed it's like I'm doing the worm
And if there's food in the house, I'm glued to the couch
Spliff in my right hand, a brew in my mouth
Elbows back, it's a well-known fact
That I'm stuck to the bed like a velcro strap
Doing nothing, not tired at all
But I ain't getting up unless I hear the fire alarm

(Chorus) Rantoboko:
I like to chill, I like to have a lick fun
We don't bother nobody, we don't have no big gun
Me love to chill
And I listen to me new wave
I like to chill I like to have a lick fun
We don't carry no weapon mr policeman
Can't I just chill?
Just listen to me new wave

(Verse 2) Timbuktu:
I love to chill, gotta chill to love
I feel the drums and I build it up
With my boys and a beer and a couple of birds
Such as the world interfere you're fucking disturbed
Suckers and nerds always wanna ruin the fun
Whether it's MC's or police persuin' Jason
But any chance I get catch me kickin it to dancer chicks
Taking sips, sucking on cancer sticks

I'm so tasters I even sip my tang on the rocks
All stretched out by the grandfather clock
But don't get me wrong I land on your block, hand on my crotch
And put your whole camp on the spot
All over some shit you said on the b-side
Or dropped off the head in a freestyle
But I'd rather keep to the side
And cork up the tinto when the weekend arrives

We're straight lampin, maxin and relaxin
Cold chillin' just kickin it back and
Leveitatin, just based in
Sautéenin, marinating

(Verse 3) Chords:
I don't keep it a secret
All I do is smoke weed with my people and sleep through the weekends
Late night find Chords on his back
4 in the morning watching war of the ants

Touring with Chance through northern Europe and France
Forward advance, fillin up floors at the dance
We don't work, we get paid for R&R
City to city, every day is like Mardi Gras

Eatin Häagen Dazs is like a daily chore
So if you wanna see me moving, dawg pay me more
And if not, keep passing them trees
And keep the voice down while I'm catching the z's

Last but not least it's all over after we leave
With Chords at the wheel I max in the passenger seat
Ah yeah, the whole car shake from the woofers
It's a chillfest so partake in the goodness

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