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This song is by Chords and appears on the album The Garden Around the Mansion (2006).

I love it when I start kickin' a verse and how it unfolds
And the way I wasn't thinkin' at first love quenching my thirst
With newly boosted and freshly squeezed
Smoothies, juices, veggie treats
I love it when the cops roll by without stoppin'
And I just came out the store with new stuff without shoppin'
Still gettin' clothes for free chill, eating groceries
That's how life's supposed to be

Man I love to keep it tasters ®
So if I'm not out and about seein' places
I'm home eatin' wafers
Just chillin' on a Sunday tired
With the hot toasty boxers from the tumble dryer
Luv, slippin' in my favourite baggies
And skinny dippin' in the adriatic
The kingsize paper addict
Just layin' back and playin' classics

I love it when the when the beat bumps, man I love that too
And I love it when the bass pounds I love that too
I love it when the sun shines, man I love that too
And I love it when the rain falls, I love that too
And I love sleeping late, man I love that too
And I love smoking weed, I love that too
And I love pretty girls, I love that too
Man I love that shit...

Especially when I did it I love getting acquitted
Still love my ex though I hate to admit it
And I love scamming government for tax
And I love girls who love it from the back
In the morn, freshly painted train on the platform
Blacks and chromes with the fat caps on (aow!)
I love this part of the song it ain't hard sing along (lover)

Man, I love gettin' paid blowin' it all the same day
I love relaxin' on the gravy train
With the munch dawgz and plenty of grass
Bag smelling like 7th grade chemistry class
When the melody blasts from the 2 7 clash
And the radio bumps the wailin' souls
That's the way it goes man I move steady
Bootleggin' the true legends of roots reggae

Chillin' I my new sweat suit throw the TV out the window
Walkin' down the streets feel the wind blow
Sweet scent of revolution in my nostrils
Yellin' I love life and I don't even pop pills

Stop chill, ahluhdatsh*t
I'm out in a blaze of glory like then sundance kid
Selecta run dat shit leave 'em aching for more
And pump the volume up till they start breaking the law

I love it when my belly's full, man I love that too
I love the Indian cuisine, I love that too
And I love titties, man I love that too
And I love the red wrap (?), I love them too
And I love lenthal soup, I love that too
And I love eatin' for free, I love that too
And I love taking long shits, hahahaha I don't love that shit man

Don't you just love it when you come home from a hard day of work and girlfriend left a note
Sayin' she's tired of your ass, you're a slob, you're a jerk, and would you please let her go
And the only clue you got to why she had to run away is a message on the phone
Sayin' you're in the studio 24 hours a day and you left me all alone
And all you really wanna do is say it to her face, bitch atleast I got a job
But what you really should be doin' is kick it at your crib with a little R&R

I love it, I need it, I want it, I got it...