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In Hell

This song is by Choking Victim and appears on the album No Gods, No Managers (1999).

You may find my appearance and demeanor foolish, but it is you who plays the fool.
For although I am only a student of the victim, I have many, many styles.
Try my choking style! HWAH!

--Shaolin Puff'n'Stuff (I have no idea)

Every time you humoured me,
you patronized my misery,
the yesterday's mean nothing now,
they never mattered anyhow!

Oh well in hell, we like it well,
we think it's nice, we think it's swell!
I've fucked up so many times,
the more I think, the more I sink...

Into the drain...
of pain and misery.
The sickness of feeling...
will end someday.

Often times I wonder why
there's love and hate, theres live or die.
When sickness comes I must decide:
when feelings go, theres suicide.

Oh well in hell, we like it well,
we think it's nice, we think it's swell!
We'll drink a cup of kindness yet,
in hell we learn but soon forget...

Hell is life. You must admit this is true...
But don't take it so serious.
It ends so soon.


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