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This song is by Choke and appears on the album Give'er (1995) and on the album Needless To Say (1998).

nothing changes in my life
another day, wasted day now
can I get far from this place
amuse myself with all these games
what a lie what a shame now
there is no more to erase
can I let go
it must seem I'm lost in despair
no one beside me all I need is myself
discretion means nothing when I'm happy this way
I don't want to be a part on your world anyway
take in everything, a simple view it explains you
a comfy chair with no one there it's safe
so I have myself a simple mind to me that's fine
a slower pace I think that that's the case
it's nothing
my mind's not melting I think it's helping
to fit the crime
it's what i need to get me through these days
nothings changed

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