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This song is by Chino XL and appears on the album Here To Save You All (1996).

Yeah, sometimes they come back

High pitched shrieks, my body lie dead in the streets
Yeah, my body lie dead in the streets

The darkened clouds reflect my inner confusion
Frustrating feelings of dying too soon and I'm
Sitting in plain view of Master and all of his glory
In purgatory, I'm not your everyday sinner
It's often viewed as stepping into a great light
With shadows of time, some people are forgotten in life
Move in past situations, stolen moments frozen proving
You ain't had a thing but evil in your human heart
It's startling, but I keep on following
The pain is mind-boggling, I hear angry souls hollering
High pitched shrieks, my body lie dead in the streets
Crackheads searching through my pockets too I see this all from side view
Now as I stand in the judgment of my forefathers
They agree I was murdered without my goal accomplished
Inside my heart is where the curse lay scared in the worst way
Like a savior on the third day, I rise

"Feel my aura, just around death's corner"

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