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Fuck Dat Nigga (Skit)

This song is by Chingy and appears on the album Jackpot (2003).

Man, my momma be trippin' like a mothafucka man
(Man, u gotta get the fuck out the crib)
I know, talkin' bout I'm 31 and still livin' wit her
I know niggaz older than that
I'm still gettin' this money though
(This mothafuckin money. nigga you tell her it come out yo pocket nigga you buy the bread)
That's what I'm talkin' bout
I brang home the groceries shit (yeah that's what I'm talkin' bout)
Wussup nigga? who is that?(what the fuck)
That look like that nigga lil' howard
Oh shit!
(Music: throw yo hood up if you representin)
Wussup nigga?
They call you chingy now
(Ching, ching) (laughing)
Cost lot a lurr, pop a cop, drop a spurr
Wuz up nigga? what's crackin' though?
Yeah boy you doin' yo thang, boy I see that nigga all on TV
(Laughin') right thurr
How you been nigga? (yeah) u know workin
Man (I see you all on TV) yeah, workin man
I know you got a job fo yo nigga though
(Yeah, wussup) give me somethin' nigga
I can drive a bus. yeah? somethin'
I can rap fuck it (yep) ill knock out the hoes
Spin somethin' repeat 2x
Check me out, check me out
Nigga hard times (uh huh) make niggaz like me
Nigga hard times...
Man shut that shit up
Well anyway nigga (keep yo head up keep writin)
We goin' to the club tonight you want a ride?
We goin' to the spot nigga, goin' to the spot
(We might head up thurr) see what's crackin'
Yeah nigga we... (we might slide through) wha... what chu gon do
We might slide through. aight shit
We'll just see y'all niggaz later man y'all niggaz stay up
Aight man keep yo head up
Yeah dog. man
I don't trust them niggaz. me neither
Why he got that nigga wit him fo?
Nigga out of here... I can do that nigga
Put me on the track. a bop wop a doowop
Nigga what
We could rap (nigga what)
Fo real. I could rap somethin'
Rap my hand around this block
Nigga, I bet you nigga (whatever nigga)
We need to catch that nigga sleepin' we gon bling bling ya know? (hell yeah)
Fuck that nigga

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