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This song is by Chimaira and appears on the EP This Present Darkness (2000).

Picture Crawling back of from the floor now
Look above me and there your are
I see your smiling face so pure it's gold
Reaching your hand out to touch mine
Perhaps all I needed was your smile
A nice compliment or two
Where were you a few weeks ago
When I was wanting to die
I felt so worthless
But you saved me
Watching me almost fall under
You were with him and I was with her
Wanting each other more then life
One kiss away from being perfect
Cry out
Watching over me
I can't be with you
All I wanted
Was to end me
Not to be in love with two
I hate my thoughts now
I'll leave her alone
To live in bliss
You're my savior
My dream come true
Trying to figure out a way
I'll lick your wounds
I'll heal your sores
I can never face my past because
Not together I feel so sick inside
Death will come very soon
I tear as we drift away
Death will come very soon
I tear as we drift away
Picture me dead
Would you cry
Keep fucking keep sucking

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