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This song is by Chimaira and appears on the EP This Present Darkness (2000).

I am the one who breaks all
This misery you call your life
I am the one to carry you
To an altar of joy
Follow me flee from this
Expect nothing but the best
I will hide all your pain
Escape to the unknown with

The way I will keep
From letting you flee

You are the one who changed me
To a quivering mess
You are the one who stopped me
From doing all I can
Now's your time
Let me in
Let me in your functioning mind
I will hide all your pain
Escape to the unknown with

I feel your stench
So warm I'm home
Let me stay
And feel you more

I come
All over now where do I go from here
Leave me behind
Never again bitch don't even try
Silence your mouths you whore

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