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Lend a Hand

This song is by Chimaira and appears on the EP This Present Darkness (2000).

You are god's most beautiful creation
From the moment I set my eyes upon you
I knew I wanted to be
Feel your arms wrap around me
And to share myself with you
Would be nothing but'
Knowing you would make me whole again

And then she said 'no

I cry out to help you
My friend who does nothing
Watched you high I watched you low
But never falling to far
I am glad to have been here
To help you get through it
I know I didn't fulfill
But I helped somehow

Take our hand
I said
I'll take your pain
Create with me
Chim was a way for you to breathe
I hope it was enough
To help you get through this war called love

Take our hands
Before you leave
Reaching our dreams

Lend a hand (AE)
Lend a hand for you my friend

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