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​Hard to Get By

This song is by Children Of The Corn and appears on the album Collector's Edition (2003).

Uh, yeah, yeah
COC the great click that rolls thick
Straight from the motherfucking corners to the studios
We got my man the six figga getter, motherfucking nigga The Digga
And my motherfucking cousin bloodshed
Aka castro
And I'm Killa Cam, motherfucking Hussien
And we gonna drop it like this, check it

It's hard to get by, that's why we get high
Around my way, do or die
Oh, my, my, my (5x)

No excuses, it's useless
I'm ruthless, I stay fucking two chicks
Watch boost flicks, bust shots, mad acustics
The crime boss with toothpicks, cashflow and crucifix
We stick shit, producive, a COC exclusive
'Cause I'm the nigga that's passed parole, carry a gat to stroll
Slapping, clapping, and wrapping for rolls
Beef fatter than Jackson Hold
Ask Nicole, slugs I shot, ate her like an entray
Her boyfriend Deandre, has no more fiancee
And y'all be fucking snoring like the Killa's boring
But one slept all this Ralph Lauren, shot him and left his mouth pouring
Then I took his skirt, Killa Cam the crook that merk
So when I'm here look alert, before y'all get shook and hurt
Revenge you on the 8th floor, that's where I used to rape whores
Busting off the cap gun, riding on the skateboard
Now all the states is carved in, all the caps and slugs
And I be rapping bugged, by slapping mugs, clapping thugs
And packing drugs, don't ask for love
I'm fucking raw chief, all you fucking whore cease
Only love you give is love taps to your jaw piece
'Cause I done fucked sluts and dancers, give us the chance ta
I got bucks and answers, and I rob the city bus for Transfers
Plus I'm touching you reps, buffing your threats
One shot like Russian Roulette, when thrusting the tech
Killa Cam is real you nothing to sweet
MY crew is tight like ice to treys
Hype the blades from nights to days
I slice with blaze, triffling ways
Bombs with all type grenades, cause me and my nigga love bread
My cousin Bloodshed, the one who party out at Club Med
The ex-dust head, I'm causing complex confusion
When I'm out West I'm looting, car taking, Lexus boosting
See me, you know the techs is shooting, execution

It's hard to get by, that's why we get high
Around my way, do or die
Oh, my, my, my (5x)

In the 600 with mo-mos
Blunted friends with fo-fos
And po-pos pulling niggaz over like they loco
Maybe it's just my time Horse
Or is it because I'm the crime boss
And swines is mad that every dime cost
Blood's the bad influence that you're proud of
Wetting niggaz up like showers, selling crack, smack and powders
Jewels giganic, ice flooded like the Titanic
Cash expanded, flash for granted, stashing in seramics
And keep it in my crime family, Glaciers of Ice
Cause life ain't nothing but papers and dice just fronting
I used to prop the slower leaks, niggaz ain't notice me
All of the older gs, never thought that I would grow to be
The cash getting, crack flipping, soaking in the bath
With ass stripping, getting blast vic'in up past Vixens
I know it ain't hard to see sonny
Inside the 3-20, Killa, New Jacks for G Money

It's hard to get by, that's why we get high
Around my way, do or die
Oh, my, my, my (5x)