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This song is by Chico DeBarge and appears on the album Long Time No See (1997).

Its real babe, im feelin your high
wanna make you love me 'til the day you die.
oh its strong babe, the way that its on, and i cant
hide it, cause it would be wrong.

So go head and tell your friends
that you met superman
when i love, gonna get you high
gonna spread your legs
and give you all ive got
wonna feel the heat of your heart when you do
baby make you moan
gonna be in love with each other, baby all night long.
so go ahead and tell your friends that you met superman
go head tell your man that you met superman.

super man when I love you babe. oh...

i never will do your wrong
dont try to restrain it
'cause it wont be long
before i break you down to a lil girl
gonna make you sing a song to the
whole world,
so go 'head and tell your friends
that you met superman
girl I love you, gonna make you scream
wanna make you sweat like a river or stream
gonna make wish they sold this stuff at a corner store
gonna do it good baby, make you beg for more
so go 'head and tell your friends that you met superman
and ill be back again, 'cause im your superman.

superman yeah

believe me, its just one time
really all it takes babe, you will be mine
dont mean to sound over confident,
in the way that i feel.
believe me when i tell ya the truth babe because its real.

girl i hope you understand, that im your superman
gonna love with my cryptinite style,
gonna spread you
on the silky sheets baby, and drive you wild,
gonna make yous cream CoCo, baby up and down,
gonna get you there, tounge over fire.
so go 'ahead and tell your friends that you met superman,
and ill be back again, cause im your superman

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