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This song is by Chico DeBarge.

Just you and me, we can hit the highway.
Take all your dreams, and live them out the real way.
Don't know if it's right, but still you want to, take a chance of love and show and prove.
(chorus) Live your life be happy. Spread your wings be free. Show me how to love you,
girl come live with me. Life don't owe you nothing, but if it's meant to be, then
maybe our love will endure. (end chorus).
You're scared we could lose, or we could blow the whole thing.
Decisions are hard it's more than just a physical thing.
I know a place we can go, nobody has to know.
And there I'll hold you close, we can let it flow
I dream that we, made love in a storm at sea.
While drops of rain fell softly against our back.
And you lived with me.
We slept on a beach, kiss intimately.
Happy because the two of us were in love.

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