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Far From the Maddening Crowds (1997)Edit

Chicane - Far From the Maddening Crowds
Far From the Maddening Crowds
  1. Early
  2. Already There
  3. Offshore (Original Version)
  4. Lost You Somewhere
  5. From Blue To Green
  6. Sunstroke (Disco Citizens Mix)
  7. Leaving Town
  8. Red Skies
  9. Sunstroke (Original Version)
  10. Offshore '97
  11. The Drive Home

Behind The Sun (2000)Edit

Chicane - Behind The Sun
Behind The Sun
  1. Overture
  2. Low Sun
  3. No Ordinary Morning
  4. Saltwater
  5. Halcyon
  6. Autumn Tactics
  7. Overlap
  8. Don't Give Up
  9. Saltwater (The Thrillseekers Remix)
  10. Andromeda
Bonus Track
  1. Don't Give Up (Radio Edit)

Somersault (2007)Edit

Chicane - Somersault
  1. Stoned In Love
  2. U R Always
  3. Come Tomorrow
  4. Nothing
  5. Arizona
  6. Spirit
  7. Far Away From You
  8. Turning Corners
  9. Way I'm Feelin'
  10. Time Of Your Life

Giants (2010)Edit

Chicane - Giants
  1. Barefoot
  2. Middledistancerunner
  3. Come Back
  4. What Am I Doing Here? (Part 1)
  5. Giants
  6. Poppiholla (5AM)
  7. So Far Out To Sea
  8. Where Do I Start?
  9. From Where I Stand
  10. Hiding All The Stars
  11. What Am I Doing Here? (Part 2)
  12. Titles
CD Bonus Track
  1. Middledistancerunner (DC Rework Edit)

Thousand Mile Stare (2011)Edit

Chicane - Thousand Mile Stare
Thousand Mile Stare
  1. Hljóp
  2. The Nothing Song
  3. Windbreaks
  4. Thousand Mile Stare
  5. Playing Fields
  6. Sólarupprás
  7. Going Deep (Moogmonkey Remix)
  8. Goldfish
  9. Flotsam & Jetsum
  10. Super Mouflon
  11. Going Deep
  12. Fin De Jours
Deluxe Edition Tracks
  1. Three
  2. Sólarupprás (Disco Citizens Remix)
  3. Mission Impossible
  4. Three (Club Mix)
  5. Sólarupprás (Instrumental)

The Sum of Its Parts (2015)Edit

Chicane - The Sum of Its Parts
The Sum of Its Parts
  1. Église
  2. 38 Weeks (Extended Album Mix)
  3. Oxygen
  4. One Thousand Suns (Soundprank Vocal Mix) (with Christian Burns and Ferry Corsten)
  5. Tuesdays
  6. Still With Me (Disco Citizens Remix)
  7. One More Time
  8. Fibreglasses
  9. Orleans
  10. Motion
  11. No More I Sleep (Disco Citizen Rockin´ Album Mix)
  12. Photograph

Other ReleasesEdit


Other SongsEdit

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  1. Bruised Water
  2. East Side Story
  3. Hiding All The Stars (Michael Woods Remix)
  4. Middle Distance Runner
  5. Offshore (A Man Called Adam Remix)
  6. One Thousand Suns
  7. Poppiholla
  8. Way I'm Feeling
  9. What Am I Doing Here Pt. 2
  10. What Am I Doing Here? (Part 1) (McAuley & Walsh Remix)
  11. What Am I Doing Here

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