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Take the "A" Train

This song is by Chicago and appears on the album Night & Day (1995).

This song is a cover of "Take the "A" Train" by Duke Ellington.
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Take the "A" Train
Come on down, let's take the "A" train
To take a little ride around the city.
Brooklyn or Broadway train
You'll see that old New York is kind of pretty

Take your baby subway ridin'
That's where romance may be hidin'
(Let's take a ride)
Take, you should take the "A" train
To get to Sugar Hill way up in Harlem

Come on baby, climb aboard the "A" train
That's the way to get to Sugar Hill in Harlem
And if you get aboard the "A" train
You'll get to Sugar Hill and in a hurry

Listen here, listen to the train a-comin'
Hear the rails a-hummin' (Let's Take A Ride)
Climb aboard, climb aboard the "A" train
To take a little ride around the city

(All Aboard...)

Music by:

Billy Strayhorn

Lyrics by:

Joya Sherrill

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