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Blues in the Night

This song is by Chicago, features Joe Perry and appears on the album Night & Day (1995).

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Blues in the Night
My mama done told me when I was in knee-pants
My mama done told me, she said, "Son!
A woman will sweet-talk ya, she'll give you the big eye
But when that sweet talkin' is done
A Woman's A Two-Face, A Worrisome Thing
Who'll leave ya to sing the blues in the night."

Now, the rain's a-fallin'
Hear the train a-callin', Whoo-Ee,
Hear the lonesome whistle
Blowin' 'cross the trestle, Whoo-Ee,
Whoo-Ee-A-Whoo-Ee, Ol' Clickety-Clack
I'm back on the track of blues in the night

The evening breeze
Will start the trees to cryin'
And the moonlight'll hide its light
When You Get The Blues In The Night

Take My Word, The Mockingbird
He Will Sing The Saddest Kind Of Song
He Knows Things Are Wrong And He's Right

From Natchez To Mobile
From Memphis To St. Joe,
Wherever The Four Winds Seem To Blow,
I've Been In Some Big Towns
And I've Heard Me Some Big Talkin',
But There Is One Thing I Know,

A Woman's A Two-Face
She's A Worrisome Thing
Who'll leave ya to sing the blues in the night

Got A Case Of The Blues In The Night
(Don't Know What To Do)
Blues Every Night...)


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