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This song is by Chiasm and appears on the album Reform (2008).

Remember your demise
You want the world to hate you
And now you've found your prize
You know I can't escape you

Together we are drifting
Together we will fall
Together we're resisting
Together hear our call

Protect my greatest fears
That somehow I'll become you
It's taken all these years
To get my distance from you

We found there's no disguise
There had to be a takedown
And after all these lies
It all creates a breakdown

I sit within the nature
Dirt between my toes
The forest is my shelter
The lake ahead still flows

Unite become erase
Ignite survive renew replace
Revise the thoughts inside you
Create I know you tried to

Decide review restart
Resist your fears
Rebuild your heart
Prevent the ties that bind you
And come back from your breakdown

Specks of light and darkness
Bodies to be held
People to be trusted
Anchors left to weld

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