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This song is by Chiasm and appears on the album Reform (2008).

I entered in your sacred place
You wanted me to save your space
I was a leader, you didn't see her
And turned what's good into your own disgrace
Then told me that I'd be all set
And took it from me like a bet

You are deceivers
And I will take you down
I will take you down
I can take it

You asked to see the other side
Are you surprised at what you find
You had your hatred and couldn't fake it
Didn't it change at all what you decide
You are the voices in my head
The ones that make me think I'm dead

You know that you could never say
All that you had was ripped away
And life is dead here in my head
I'm left with nothing but this sense of dread
So don't go try to understand
How nothing goes here quite as planned

You said you live now without fear
The world a haven should appear
Although I tried, I felt denied
Your angry thoughts just made it all so clear
So now I see you hold inside
The secrets of your shallow pride

It's too convenient to pretend that your predictions never end
Let's get it straight, I'm not a fake
It's your omission left here to create
So it should come as no surprise that it's too late to compromise

You are deceivers and I will take you down I will take you down I can take it

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