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It's Really Come To This

This song is by Chi Coltrane and appears on the album Chi Coltrane (1972) and on the album Golden Classics (1996).

Got my things all together
And I'm ready to leave you baby
But it doesn't come easy, no
And there's something that holds me back here

And as I look around the room
Happiness haunts me
Lord knows it's been here
But something's happened
And it's now very clear

What went wrong?
But I've got to be strong
We just can't go on
Just can't go on together

If it makes any difference
My life won't be the same without you
I'll never forget you, oh no
Or the good times we've had together

And as the tears roll down my face
Oh, I guess I'm still trying
To think of an answer
A way under heaven
To tell me I should stay

I don't want to leave
I cannot believe
That's it's really come to this
Yes, it's really come to this.

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