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Highland's Apparition

This song is by Chevelle and appears on the album Sci-Fi Crimes (2009).

See it
Afternoon I had to ask
Or dare I, ever know
Tells us
We are demented
Watch as attention span
Hold so fast
Then go up in smoke

I don't think you're
Nervous enough
It happened to show its own face
Search for the soulless ends
Now point him towards rest

Culprits, shudder
Apparitions left in time
If we're honest, sight unknown
Crowning, frozen, bedroom
Awoke up certain lays a tomb
Her tree holds it
Unbeknownst still sending chills

You won't find me curling up
A place that should make sense
Well excuse me for this
Better judgment
Night is so worth waiting for
A blinding scare so cauterizing
Arms out pointing sit and stare at
This proof
This living proof
This proof
This living proof

Sun's up
Hands and legs untouched
Before we forget
Save this
Unaging proof

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