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A New Momentum

This song is by Chevelle and appears on the album Sci-Fi Crimes (2009).

Should we ignore
This was too intense
Too awful
Please stand still
To seize them all
His monetary gain equals
His monetary mind

Even if the saints gave their all
Like lions in the face of a
Growing crowd
Too little and too late on the day
When all will fall

So drawing into one another keeps
Momentum driving forward like a
Torching sun

Could sleep forever
In spite of this look
A look so scared
Sitting here with nothing new to add
And crying out you never seemed forced
It's just the kind of fuel that I need
To feel reborn

Feeding off the chase right before
Is like biting into ankles
Pulling round
To finish one more phase
Get the key
When all will fall

Learn to choose to breathe
Then stitch your arm to me

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