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Miss P

This song is by Cherish The Ladies.

If I walk up and said whats up
whould you give me that look
and act like your tough
As I walked back walked back
would you give me the eye
admire my strut checking out my look
see you look like you'd be the type
that be getting numbers all night, night, night
from night baby that's alright
you be getting numbers so do i

You can call me M-I crooked letter,crooker letter P-I-M-P
I know yokku think you got game
but baby let me tell you
you ain't got more than me

You can call me M-I crooked letter, crooked letter P-I-M-P
I know you think you got game
but baby let me tell you
you ain't got more than me

Sweety I'm no freak
so you won't have me
but i'll have you mess up with the words I speak
we can be just friends
are you can dish fellings
you'd be calling me up and you'll be checking in
I know this might sound like it's hype
but if I want you boy you'll be mine, mine,mine
one topic conversations tight
cause know i got you curious right

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