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What If We Fly

This song is by Chely Wright and appears on the album Never Love You Enough (2001).

We've got a million
To stop taking chances
And start playing it safe
Of old love can haunt you
I should be scared to death
But I can't walk away

'Cause what if we fly
What if we fly
And dive off the edge of the end of the world as we know it
What if we fly
Have faith enough to think fate might just know where we're going
What if the arms of the wind carry us to the place
We never could find
Yes, we might fall
But what if we fly

They don't come easy
I don't know what's wrong anymore
But I know when it's right
Only a dreamer
The truest believer
Can let the chains fall to the ground
And take to the sky


I know we might fall
But what if we fly

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