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The Love That We Lost

This song is by Chely Wright and appears on the album Right In The Middle Of It (1996).

Going through old dresser drawers
Fumbling through these closets
It's got to be here somewhere
I know it's round here somewhere

Searching from room to room
We couldn't have just lost it
I know it's round here somewhere
It's got to be here somewhere

Maybe we packed it up
With college books and winter clothes
Things we thought were in the way
Out of style or just outgrown

We didn't give it away
We just left it alone
We tried to find it one day
That's when we noticed it gone
I turned the house upside down
Praying I'd stumble across
Some sign that it's still around
Got to find the love that we lost

Captured in old picture frames
Shinning in those faces
It used to be here somewhere
I know it's still here somewhere
Reflected in our children's eyes
How could we misplace it
I know it was here yesterday
How could it just slip away
it was more then just a box of junk
We stored away to gather dust
This was a dream we thought
We always could reach out and touch

(Repeat Chorus twice)

Got to find the love that we lost

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