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Love Didn't Listen

This song is by Chely Wright and appears on the album Never Love You Enough (2001).

He was a rebel - she was born across the tracks
Her parents had - his never did
To look at them, it didn't fit
Everyone whispered, ain't it weird - him with her
It'll never work
That's what they said
But to this day
He takes away her breath

Love didn't listen
It only hears what it wants to hear
Two hearts beating as one
The odds were against 'em
Oh, but they had something on their side
When doubt said it can't be done
Love didn't listen

Married one summer and it was heaven seven years
Yeah, there were tears, but no big deal
They just kept rollin' up love's hill
Then one night it happened
Bitter words, slammin' doors
She said divorce - he said me too
But even though it sounded like the thing to do

It was an obstacle course
Had every negative force
Tellin' them they'll never make it (but)

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