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Deep Down Low

This song is by Chely Wright and appears on the album Never Love You Enough (2001).

Everybody says, don't lose your head
You gotta keep that pretty smile upon your face
Well, I did that for awhile, but it just was not my style
I kept endin' up in that forbidden place
I'm a happy woman but when I get knocked to the ground
I invite the blues to come around

So don't be afraid to cry
Get down as far as you can go
Let the river rage on by and the wind blow
If you pay your dues in darkness
You'll appreciate the light
'Cause a deep down low makes level feel so high

I put on the saddest song
Ignore the telephone
I go ahead and cry the make-up from my eyes
I let my mind play tricks and then
I let it fool me once again
Into thinkin' that I'll never be all right
Then when I'm no longer crazy and I'm back to my old self
I realize how good I've always felt

Let yourself go under
Touch the bottom of the pool
Ain't it strange and don't you wonder
How you always come back up and it's so cool

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