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Better Than You

This song is by Cheez.

The years have passed
Since that dumb day
I was embarrassed
But now it is over

My life was a laugh
I hid in the shadows
Then I came out proud
And said the words inside my head:

I am no longer who I used to be
So don't laugh at me
I am wiser than you'll ever hope to be
And you mean nothing at all to me

I'll stand up tall
And face those comments
with a determined look on my face
Forget who I was 'cause now
I'm better than you'll ever hope to be

I have grown
I have developed
A whole new personality
And I'm better than you'll ever hope to be
So I said the words in my head:


I'm strong(echoes)
Your weak(echoes)
I'll beat you(echoes)
At any feat!



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