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Bring It On Theme

This song is by Cheerleaders.

Ready, O.K.
I'm sexy, I'm cute
I'm popular to boot,
i'm bitchin, great hair, the boys all love to stare,
I'm wanted, I'm hot, I'm everything your not,
I'm pretty, I'm cool, I dominate this school,
Who am I just guess, guys wanna touch my chest.

I'm rockin', I smile and many think I'm vile,
I'm spotted,I jump, you can look but don't you hump. wooo!
I'm major, I roar, I swear I'm not a whore.
We cheer and we lead, we act like we're on speed.
Don't hate us 'cause we're beautiful, well we dont like you either.
We're cheerleaders, we are cheerleaders.

Role call!

I'm W-W-W-Whitney,
I'm C-C-C-Courtney (rerr)
doing it Darcy.
Im Big big Carver, Yeah!
Just Call me kissyI'm Still big Red.

I sizzle, I scorch, but now i pass the torch.
The Ballots are in, and one girl had to win.
She's perky, she's fun,
And now she's number one.
k-k-k torrance T-T-T-Torrance.

I'm strong and im loud, i'm gonna make you proud
I'm T-T-Torrance, Your captain torrance.

Lets go Toros!
We are the Toros the mighty might Toros.
We're so terrific, we must be Toros!!!

i said a brrr its cold in here i sais it must be some toros in the atmosphere
i said a brrr its cold in here i sais it must be some toros in the atmosphere
i sais ogi ogi ogi ice ice ice ogi ogi ogi ice ice

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