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Mexican Thong Song

This song is by Cheech & Chong.

Mexican Thong Song

Oh, my goodness
I cannot believe this
Did you see that, man?
She got a thong on to the beach
Baby, with all that cellulite you got
Going on down there,
You need a beach blanket, not a beach towel, okay?

Ooh, that gut's so scandalous
You know that girdle can't handle it
Eating that Twinkie like a big old witch
With a look in your eyes like
you want some fried fish
She like to hit at the buffet spot
She will eat anything even
Crumbs and drops
Macaroni and cheese
She eat the whole pot
She was in chalupa loca

She eat chicken by the truck, truck, truck
Hams like what, what, what
Baby, tuck your gut, gut, gut
I think I'll sing it again
She eat chicken by the truck, truck, truck
Hams like what, what, what
All night long,
You'll never fit that thong-ong-ong
Oh baby
Look at that fat ass
go 'blah, blah, blah, blah, blah'
I hate it when your gut
goes ' Blah-dah, blah-dah'
I hate it when your fat
goes ' Blah-dah, blah-dah'
I think you need to do some sit-ups
Calm that down, shirt don't fit you mami
Oh my goodness loco it's too big
Baby, cracks kills, okay?
I'll see you later mami
Ay, Dios mio
please baby take that off
Okay, nos vemos

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