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​Water Runs Dry

This song is by Cheap Sex and appears on the album Headed For A Breakdown (2004).

The earth freezes up
The food stops to grow
We have poisoned this planet
And for years it's died slow.
The winters grow colder
And summer's too hot to breathe
Now mother earth vomits
Bringing you to your knees.

Continue to ignore
Drive your fat suv
Think only of yourself
And your greedy needs
Run out of resources
Tell me what will you do?
You are mother earth's target
And she has her sights set on you.

Tell me what will you do?
When the earth vomits on you?
When the water's run dry?
And no tears left to cry?

Species once plenty
Now wiped off the map
But when change is needed
The leaders just laugh
Drill in Alaska
For greed and for oil
Well have fun for now
Your kids lives will spoil