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​Raped by the FCC

This song is by Cheap Sex and appears on the album Headed For A Breakdown (2004).

So you think free speech can't go away?
You can say what you want in the usa?
Moral cleansing can't happen here?
Well get the flag out of your ass
And open up your ears.

I turned on the radio the other day
Howard stern was taken off the radio waves
I don't care if you are a fan, I just want you to see
How the first amendment was raped by the fcc.

Indecency is a word for this freedom invasion
From the christian right and the bush administration
Church and state is his agenda
Drop a bomb in a heartbeat but a boob offends 'ya?????

We'll iv'e been raped by the fcc
Bush wants to take my freedoms from me.
We'll I've been raped by the fcc
They wanna control what I hear and I see

If you're offended then - turn it off!