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Feel No Regret

This song is by Cheap Sex.

So trapped up in your cubby hole
You begin to feel content.
Forget about your old ideals,
And you're hatred of the government.
Young and naive is what you think
About the way that once was you.
Cause nobody's gonna change this world,
And "there's nothing I can do".

Frustrated, anger in your eyes,
You strive for something more.
Now passion, and dignity
Has all gone out the door.
Nobody's gonna push you around,
No one can tell you what to think.
Now you sit around with your ugly wife,
And all you do is drink.

Life has got you by the balls -
Don't look back - and feel no regret!
Can't you heed the fucking call -
Don't look back - and feel no regret!
No one will remember
The way that once was you ...
It's all now lost in a memory
Like all the times that we've been through.

I see you smirk at others
For taking the time to care.
Making snide comments
That "they're are young, and they're unaware".
You're so damn experienced,
Ya, you've really seen it all.
Deep down you're everything you hate,
And now you're heading for a fall.

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