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Dead Today

This song is by Cheap Sex and appears on the album Launch Off To War (2003).

when you're young
life moves so fast (wo-oh-oh)
like a flash before your eyes
it never lasts (wo-oh-oh)
friends you think
they'll be there tomorrow (wo-oh-oh)
but now i look back
in fucking sorrow (wo-oh-oh)

friday night we'd go to the shows
but now you feed your habit
and you're addiction grows
whatever happened to the times of the past
cause when you're punks forever
it is meant to last!
got a call in the middle of the night -
they found you dead after you lost in a fight
and for some dope, you lost your life -
they left you to bleed with a fucking knife ...

and now you're dead, dead, dead, dead today!
and in a flash you've gone, you've gone away -
and now you're dead, dead, dead, dead today!
scars forever are left, are left to stay.

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