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Misty Frequencies

This song is by Che Fu and appears on the album Navigator (2001).

Local boy, neighbourhood
Easy as the breeze in springtime
He don't talk too much
When he does the whole room gets luminous
Lights everywhere
He said earlier this year
He tuned down real low
Searching on the hi-fi radio
And then something moved him
He's never been the same since

On the
Misty Frequencies
He's listening
On the
Misty Frequencies

She walks real slow pace
She's knows where she be going international
Amplified by what she knows
Knap-snacks, Headphones
She be steppin' with that rugged flow
She powerful her minds on the audio

More than sounds
More than words
Must be keppin' them healthy
What you hear
What you see
Ain't always what's it's sposed, to be
We tune down
Real low searching on the hi-fi radio
For something with that feeling
We alive again

Chorus till fade

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