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What Kind Of Men

This song is by Chayanne.

Last night I saw you crying
Tears of pain go down your eyes
I thought of maybe diling but I've done it evarytime
Oh was does it hurt he doesent diserve you
I bet he doesent even say I love you
If I get the chance to girli always romance you
Guess what I can simply understand

What kind of man he thiink he is to treat a woman
So wronge
So wronge
It doesent matter 'cause I am here say am ganna
Hes a pain I will be there in your hurt

He drinks and out of light
Makes me wonder
Why he says is it the sex or is it the money babe
How does he get it all his way oh you diserve better
Respond to my letter
I promise I will changeyour world I will look for you bring happy to see you
Your realizing he waz so wronge

I need to come for you
Just call my name when your ready to go away from him x2
'Cause I will never understand

And I am here
Oh yeah

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