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A Not So Tragic Cover-Up (2004)Edit

Chasing Victory - A Not So Tragic Cover-Up

A Not So Tragic Cover-Up

  1. Is This What You Want?
  2. Violent and Armed
  3. Come Between Everything
  4. Step into the Light
  5. Journal Entry

I Call This Abandonment (2005)Edit

Chasing Victory - I Call This Abandonment

I Call This Abandonment

  1. Oceans Away
  2. Unrequited Love
  3. The Night Your Guardian Fell Asleep
  4. A Taste of Your Own Medicine
  5. The Killer Is Me
  6. First Steps to Recovery
  7. Pre-Empty Nest Syndrome
  8. Suspects, Alibis, and Partners in Crime
  9. The Real Version of You
  10. Ascension and Escape
  11. Speak Easy

Fiends (2007)Edit

Chasing Victory - Fiends


  1. Chemicals (King of the Carp)
  2. Wolves (G.O.B. vs. Tony Wonder)
  3. Fiends (Selling Out Ain't Easy)
  4. Queens (The Skeleton Key to a Skeleton)
  5. Carnies (Rapture Raptors)
  6. Janus (Dr. Jekyll/Stephen Hyde)
  7. Zombies (Oceans Away the Sequel)
  8. Brides (The Groom of St. Albany)
  9. Kings (Miaminions)
  10. Barbarians (Crackle Rotcha Tee Thout)
  11. Ghouls (Wallflowers)
  12. Mutants (Plague of Pyros)

The Killing Princess (2014)Edit

  1. Legacy
  2. The Masquerade
  3. Defiance
  4. Outsiders
  5. Blindfolded The Stars
  6. Reflections
  7. The Odyssey
  8. Destiny Ceilings
  9. Without Walls
  10. Change Of Loyalty
  11. These Restoration

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