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​Til Death Do Us Part

This song is by Chasing Safety and appears on the album Season of the Dead (2014).

I'm sorry sir, but I've got my side to tell
About the time I walked in a room and fell for an angel
Dancing in the air, walked through the door
And pulled up a chair, looked her right in her eyes
I knew she took my life right there

Oh what I'd give to have her heart
I fell for her like in a god damn storybook
"Whoa, wait, relax" is what she said to me
But I know it's not how she meant to be
"Backup" is what they said to me
I know that this is how it's supposed to be

I would love you just the same if you had any other name
'Cause I know we're meant to be
But no matter what I do, I'll never get enough of you
'Cause you'll never be with me

"Stay away, stay away, stay away" that's all I ever hear
It's like a ringing, It's like a ringing in my ear
"Keep away" that's what's she said to me
I vow to never give up, that was the death of me

"Stay, stay away, stay, just stay away"

When I followed her home it was so that she'd know
That I'd always be there, I swear, I never meant for her to be so scared

I saw her when I got out of my car, yeah I was parked on her street
But that's not the point of my story thus far
I walked up to her, told her I loved her, told her I needed her
She ran, so I ran, because I knew, she'd be mine

If you and I will never be I won't go on, they'll take my life from me
I tried so hard to give myself to her but there was never enough, fuck

And that's the last you'll hear from me and this god damn tragedy
As they take my life away