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​One Can Only Hope

This song is by Chasing Safety and appears on the album Season of the Dead (2014).

Sit back and watch the groove, We've learned a thing or two
We're here to stay, bumpin' hard, Bulls on the loose
Jumped up hope not to fall, play the game and risk it all
But we don't care about what you have to say
Shots fired, Ah you're dead, at least inside my head
I don't know what you think, but not one tear was shed
Cause at the end of the day I always did this for me

This is the moment where life passed you by

You won't get me to let go, no,
Can you just please bear with me, so I don't have to go alone

When you're gone will we care about the things you left behind?
'Cause they don't know if you will make it through the night
I know it's hard to go on when you're already dead
But there's a voice in my head saying I can't leave this world

Screaming louder just to hear myself
And leave an imprint on my personal hell
To change the world is not my job
Being myself is just as hard
Hidden faces, in fear of who you thought would see
That is the moment you lost who you were meant to be

You're hidden like a ghost but you can't touch
When nobody feels for you, nobody feels for you

I lie here so lifeless and lost, As my soul rises up towards the sun
Have I left anything to remember?
Or just thoughts that will never move forward

That is the moment where your life passed you by
All of your injustices have left you to die
Your injustices keep me alive