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This song is by Charon and appears on the album Sorrowburn (1998).

She's like a star for me,
burning leafs burning me
She's just a drop in the sea,
and her eyes what I can't believe
I think she's watching me
with her eyes of seventeen
Back to the shape of my shadow
I use my skill to live

Darkness my only friend,
she must be slippin' away
Closing me like a beam
Shadows begin to fade,
they're like a night and day

She watch me slowly by
Her spirit stronger than mine
oh lord, how bored I am...

She sucked me end to the end
and way she speak was so...was so grand
For that I ever represent
dies with shadow of the dead.

Then killed her best I can
for the Love I hate
I rape my will to be
no longer hate no grief.

Back to the shape of my shadow
I shall once return
And everything of me
was NEVER aim to be...
and everything of me
was NEVER aim to be...

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