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Easy to Forget

This song is by Charlotte Church and appears on the album Tissues And Issues (2005).

It's late at night and you're not home
I'm still waiting for your call
But it never - it never comes
Do you ever think of me?
Can you hear my empty plea
For your love and affection?

I'll never know, I'll never know
Why I can't let go
It's what you do
Not what you say
That keeps you one step away
Am I that easy to forget?
If only you'd make one sacrifice
Do what it takes to make it alright
Am I that easy to forget?

I'm standing in the bitter cold
Wish that you were here to hold
'Cause I miss you
The way you used to be
Am I in this love alone?
When I speak, the words just fall
And you listen (but not to me)

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