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This song is by Charlotte Church and appears on the album Enchantment (2001).

I wish I was in Carrickfergus,
where the castle looks out to sea.
I would swim over the deepest ocean,
for my love to be with me.

But the sea is wide,
and I cannot swim over.
Nor have I,
the wings to fly.

I wish I had,
A handsome boatman.
To ferry me over,
My love and I.

I wish I was,
In the land of Eire.
Where the mountains,
Reach the sea.

Where flowers blossom,
As I do remember.
Where my true love,
Came to me.

But the sea is wide,
And I cannot swim over.
Nor have I,
The wings to fly.

Ah, to be back now,
In Carrickfergus.
To be together,
My love and I.

To be together,
My love... and I!

I wish I was,
in Carrickfergus.
To be together,
my love and I!

I wish I was back home again.....

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